I am a young black male who has no record & involved in the community, yet nobody sees that so I’m left with no immunity.
— Keron, youth leader

We believe in the power of youth and community to shape our neighborhoods so everyone can be safe, thrive and fulfill their potential. Youth are most knowledgeable about what they need to succeed in life. Unfortunately, too many of our youth of color are being pushed out of schools, jobs and careers and into our broken criminal justice system.
The Young People Moving Power programs work to transform the lives of our young people who are formerly incarcerated and/or at high-risk of arrest, detention or incarceration. We engage in mutual, intentional and intensive collaboration with families, community stakeholders and community institutions to strengthen social supports, opportunities and relationships that will help young people reach their full potential.

YPMP is our engine for developing NuLeadership for building a future beyond prisons for our children and society. Our pipeline for NuLeadership development includes the following programs and partnerships: 1) Next STEPS Mentoring program, in fiscal partnership with CASES; 2) Nat Turner Youth Leadership Training Program and Youth Organizing Collective, in strategic partnership with How Our Lives Link Altogether (H.O.L.L.A) and 3) NuLeaders Apprenticeship. Read below for more details.

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Contact us at info@centerfornuleadership.org to request a workshop, training or presentation by YPMP leadership!

Next STEPS accepts referrals of all youth (ages 16-24) living in or near NYCHA housing in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick. If interested, contact Chino at 718-484-5884, chardin@centerfornuleadership.org.

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Next STEPS works to understand where young people are coming from to be able to respond with relevant support and services. The program includes mentoring by adults who have similar backgrounds and experiences (e.g. being from central Brooklyn and/or having been formerly incarcerated), support for navigating school, preparation for college (including college applications and financial assistance) and referrals to employment, mental health or other community services.

The Interactive Journaling approach guiding Next STEPS mentoring activities has proven effective in promoting crucial life changes among a variety of high-risk populations, including young adults ages 18-24.

Studies have found engagement in Interactive Journaling to be correlated with:

  • Self-reported positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Reductions in alcohol and drug use and substance-related criminal behavior
  • Reductions in recidivism and arrests

To date, Next STEPS has consistently exceeded the Department of Probation’s enrollment milestones, with 95% average group attendance and two-thirds of all intakes in the voluntary program either successfully completing services or remaining active.


H.O.L.L.A! (How Our Lives Link Altogether!) brings youth and their communities together to engage critically in power and privilege. They facilitate young people's journeys to power through relationship-building, community organizing, political education and providing resources.
CNUS and H.O.L.L.A! joined in strategic partnership to incubate and grow HOLLA’s feature youth leadership development programs, Nat Turner Youth Leadership and Youth Organizing Collective. Youth who graduate from Next Steps are eligible to apply for HOLLA’s Nat Turner Youth Leadership Training program. H.O.L.L.A! runs the Nat Turner Revolutionary Leadership Program, a six-month political education, skill-building, resource-connecting and training program. They also run the Youth Organizing Collective, a collective of young people (ages 15-25) from diverse backgrounds, who have all been pushed out of mainstream institutions. Their youth build community and create safer spaces for each other while engaging in political education and community organizing.

Click here to read more on HOLLA.  

NuLeaders Apprenticeship

NuLeaders Apprenticeship is the next stage in leadership development, where young people who have been through our other programs have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to an apprenticeship at CNUS.

For 18 months, NuLeaders apprentices become full-time youth organizers-in-training with us, working intensively on a specific project or program that interests them. As they take leadership on this project, they engage deeply with us, other youth and the community.

NuLeaders apprentices build relationships beyond Bed-Stuy through conferences as well as connecting with youth and community in other cities.

This program is rooted in our belief that real-life, hands-on experience will help build a pool of young leaders to bring about community development and lasting community change.