We believe everyone in our community deserves the opportunity to thrive and succeed, regardless of their background or experience. We emphasize each person’s full humanity and potential, including people who have been incarcerated.

Project ReNu is a civic restoration and portfolio development program designed to remove barriers to employment and create tools for economic mobility for people with criminal conviction history.  

Project ReNu services people with criminal conviction record to address their needs and offer support and services. The program provides civic restoration assistance with fixing rap sheets and obtaining Certificate of Rehabilitation. We also offer workshops and seminars on portfolio development and achieving economic mobility. 

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To receive Project ReNu services, please call 718-484-5879 or email us at info@centerfornuleadership.org and ask for Brittany Smith to sign up. 

More Info

Fix your “rap sheet” services include: Assistance with obtaining, reviewing and correcting “rap sheets;” education on barriers to employment and reentry for individuals with a criminal record; how to transform barriers to bridges for success and growth; development of interviewing skills and self-advocacy tools to effectively address the reality of having a criminal record and increase your marketability.
Certificate of Rehabilitation services include: Education on the importance and benefits of obtaining a certificate of relief/good conduct; assistance with application process and filing for Certificates of Rehabilitation, including identification of the appropriate agency to submit completed application; coaching and training on self-advocacy skills for leveraging Certificates of Rehabilitation in a job search and related application processes and provision of follow-up and monitoring of application approval process.